Review of Email Processing System and Work from home

As a Stay at Home Mom, I am always keeping an eye open for something to do for quick cash.  Many “opportunities” I have seen are scams and I don’t pay much attention to them, they just scream scam from the add, the picture, the words, you know what I’m talking about, we all see them and run away.

However, one particular add stuck with me. Email Processing. What in the world is this? It’s a simple copy and paste. When you sign up, you get a welcome email with links. You follow those links, set up your paypal account so you can receive money, and set up a website. When someone joins, you send  them the same email that was sent to you. This is has got to be the simplest thing I have come across to make a quick buck. The company has been around since 2010, and people are making money of this system.

So I slept on it and thought about it, and decided, you know for 25$, it’s not much of a loss if this does turn into a scam. I was given the opportunity to join a facebook group to view posts from other people that they are making their money. I was very intrigued.

My biggest concern was once I pay the 25$, what more do I have to pay…because that is the hook right?! Well, you do have to pay for a website and that is 10$ (and this is optional, because you might be able to do it yourself) the point is, no other fees have occurred. I have paid 25$ to get started plus 10$ to get my website built. I have free training, a facebook support group, and video instructions. I can do this.

So I took the plunge. At the time of this blog, I don’t smell a scam. I have not incurred any other fees. My email is not being raided by junk.  I haven’t had to sign up for any other offers, and best of all, I did make a post this morning,  and received an instant payment of $25. Not to shabby. I have at least got most of my money back! I am encouraged to see how further I can take this! I will update again after some time goes by and after I post a couple of more free adds! Stay tuned!

If you have a work at home opportunity you would like us to explore, please leave in the comments. If you would like to explore this particular opportunity, feel free to check it out.

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Welcome to Escaping4. I originally wanted to name this site “My Escape”, but the name was already spoken for. So I came up with “Escaping4” – which has a synonymous meaning; there are 4 people in my life (3 kids and a husband) I need an escape from, every now and then, and Escaping4 (insert topic).

This particular blog is about Beauty and Pampering using the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush.

As a Stay at Mom I do not get enough time to myself, not that I complain (too loud at least), I enjoy the little things that I can do that allows me to relax and feel pampered.

Using the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Brush is my Escaping4 for beauty and pampering. No it’s not the same as going to the spa, but who really has the time and money? And you can do this twice a day on a daily basis! So the best alternative to a spa treatment is this little brush. For 50$ this brush comes with batteries and 2 replacement brush heads – which lasts 6 months! What a deal. And the outcome, well that’s the ticket, and the purpose of this post right?!

I am 43 and have never used a brush on my face before. Yes, I have seen the commercials on TV and never really gave it a lot of thought. On the day I became a Beauty Consultant I knew exactly which product I was trying first. I wanted to know what all the hoopla was about using a brush on your face. When my box arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I ran to the bathroom and tied my hair back. Wet my face, put a dab of my Mary Kay Cleanser on my face and turned that brush on. My first thought was, oh, is this going to hurt…but nope, it was heaven! The light massage it gave and the scrubbing sensation was very relaxing. Funny I know, it’s a face brush, but it is way more than that. After I spent the recommended 15 seconds on each side of my face, forehead and chin, I rinsed. My face never felt this clean and soft. I actually had a glow, and no, not red because of using the brush, but a healthy glow. Like all the years of dirt just got lifted! I was so excited on how soft and clean my face felt that I immediately ran to my husband. I was so excited about this brush I made him use it so he could see too. So I get the cleanser out and a towel and had him wet his face. I was so excited about this I was walking him through the steps of washing and adding soap. He was starting to get grumpy and even yelled me at that he can do this by himself…oops, of course he can wash his own face…so I backed off and just watched, and lightly supervised on how to use the brush. His reaction – he wants one too!!!

After really thinking about using a brush on your face, I’m like, of course, why not?! You brush your hair. You scrub your body with a loofah. You brush your teeth. Why not brush your face??

The comparisons, did a study on face brushes. Here is that link to check out for yourself.

Hopefully, you will see that the best bang for your buck is the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Brush!

I would love to hear from you in the comments…Have you used this brush yet? Will you be ordering yours soon?

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